Algae cookies
First Seen On Chapter 1, Day 2, Page 2 7/2/07
Status Crop
Threat Level None

Physical DescriptionEdit

Algae is a slimy green substance that grows in clumps on the surface of water.


Algae is primarily found in rivers and creeks, especially those that are habitats for other animals.

Relationship with the Tei'kaliath, Drow and OthersEdit

Needs some spice

Algae is a non-responsive plant and does not react to drow or sapient life.  It is a common staple food in the underworld that can be grown in great abundance, although it is generally only consumed by the lower classes.

For a time the Tei'kaliath simply harvested what algae they could from the river running near Ther'avare. Eventually the Tei'kaliath carved out culture pools near the river bank where they could grow algae in more consistent quantities.

Notable UsesEdit

Algae is one of the more abundant plants found in the underworld and in general is edible, if not terribly tasty. For the vast majority of Path to Power 1 baked algae cakes were the primary form of sustenance for the Tei'kaliath, as it was one of the few edible resources that could be harvested in lage enough supply to fead the entire clan.

Algae is one of the more common food items grown in Chel'el'Sussoloth's massive culture pools and can be assumed to be one of the more easily attainable food items for the Chelian lower class. Vals and other nobles generally do not eat such common fair, as they can afford food imported from the surface. Those nobles that did visit Ther'avare and were treated to baked algae generally found it not to their tastes.

Now that the Tei'kaliath have moved to the surface they have mostly ceased the consumption of algae, as there is meat and eddible surface flora in great abundance. Few Tei'kaliath are sorry to leave behind this old underworld "staple" in favor of tastier surface food.

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