First Seen On Chapter 2, Epilogue 12 02/16/11
Status Wild
Threat Level Aggressive

Physical DescriptionEdit

A quadruped, black feline standing about 3' at the shoulders. The animals seen are very similar to normal panthers, but may be slightly larger.

Habitat and BehaviorEdit

The Panther has been seen twice in the Amaranthine forest. On one occasion, a specimen was seen fleeing as the Tei'kaliaths moved to their colony site. The panthers have been seen once as a pair, suggesting these cats may live in groups or pairs of mates. They are not docile and have been shown to attack either offensively or defensively. They are probably carnivorous.

Relationship with the Tei'kaliath, Drow and OthersEdit


A panther and trideer (possibly chibified) running from the massive Tei'kaliath caravan.

These cats have not been captured or closely examined. It is possible that they may be used in the future as a source of fur or as a trained animal for war, hunting or other uses. They have been shown to be aggressive toward drow, though the reason is unknown.

Notable SpecimensEdit


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