Although effective against unarmored opponets, the four Tir'ay styles had remained relatively unchanged since the founding of Shifaye'sindil.  However, realizing that heavy armor would play a crucial role in future engagements, the Tei'kaliath set about creating a new Tir'ay that would capitalize on this. Thus was born the Armored Form.

This style was in development by a few members of the clan and focus on joint locks, pins, tackles and various other techniques to neutralize an enemies mobility so that allies can overtake and dispatch the foe. It also keeps in mind the increased weight caused by wearing heavy armor and puts a heavy focus on solid stances that make it difficult to unbalance the user. Kicks are removed entirely from Armored Form and strikes instead rely mostly on heavy, hammer like blows with the fists.

The founding of this form is attributed to Sen'gil.

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