Activity Inactive
Age 144
Race Tei'kaliath
Health Healthy
Family Sekai
Mates Kael'thas (deceased)
Children (unnamed daughter)

Character InfoEdit

Ayu'mu was an ex-slave turned overseer. It was Ayu who made the suggestion that An'jhali look at the designs Ka'Taliyn drew as possible clan symbols. She also designed the bath used by An'jhali and many other Tei'kaliath.

While technically the head of the Sekai family, Ayu'mu does not consider herself to be any sort of matriarch or Dev'ess. In fact, Ayu'mu stresses that she and her family are all are equal and that being called head of the Sekai is more of a formality. She is eldest member of the family.

Physical DescriptionEdit

PtP1 appearance
Hair is white and cut in the form of a wedge: very short in back tapering to long in front on both sides. She wears a yellow, shoulderless shirt and grey pants. Stands at about 5'9"

PtP2 appearance:


Path to Power 1

  • (Day 16, 6/29/08) - EA panel one: joins the overseers. First appearance.

  • (Day 20, 8/1/08) - LA panel one: shows the five potential clan symbols designed by Ka'Taliyn to An'jhali.

  • (Celebration, 12/26/08)

  • (Black sun siege hour six) - LA panel one: informing An'jhali it's time to leave.

Path to Power 2

  • (Colony 31, 11/23/11) - LA panels 4-5.

Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit

"My lady, would you like to see Tali's clan symbol design? It's beautiful..." 21 votes. LA: Day 20.

"My lady, it's...time to leave." 29 votes. LA: Black sun siege hour 6.

Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.Edit

Ayu'mu was born to a noble woman's slave and named Lora'i. Like her mother, she served many odd jobs including fan-waving, fetching/carrying, babysitting and serving meals. The noble's oldest daughter kept Lora'i's hair long so she could play with it.

When Lora'i was about 90, the family hit some financial hard times. They declared her, as well as many other slaves, "unnecessary" and sold them to a mushroom farm. All slaves there bore several beatings - Ayu'mu's worst memory is a whip to the face. When the clan fell she escaped and blended in with the other slaves, to be eventually found out and freed.

Emancipated, Lora'i changed her name to Ayu'mu, a Dark Elf word that she once heard meant "walk your own path." She wanted to dye her hair as well, but satisfied herself by cutting it. She glories in her newfound freedom, and has discovered an upbeat spirit within herself. Among other things, she really wants to learn how to control and use her water affinity.

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