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A 1099 Blue Banner lead expedition organized by the Nal'Sarkoth to scout the surface for a colony site to be used by the recently displaced Tei'kaliath. The expedition membership included hired members of the Blue Banner Guild, a number of Tei'kaliath of a wide variety of professions and two cat-like ferals. The expedition successful found the planned colony site, comfirmed the locations of local Hume and Kotorc settlements, and first sighted several types of fauna including the Flying Horror.

Tei'kaliath Members[1]

The journey and its events are covered in; Chapter 2: Epiloque 9, page 1, LA, Panel 1, 01/19/11 through Chapter 2: Colony 1, page 2, EA,, Panel 7, 04/27/11

  1. Do to various circumstances, not all of Expedition members names were recorded. The names in this list were compiled from the Expedition related LA advices and the names listed in the Blue Banner Roster thread.
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