Odd'anna and the first "Flying Frodo Ceak"

A sweet tasting food that brings happiness to those who eat it; the ingredients are a closely guarded secret. Odd'anna is the only known purveyor of the sweet.

Ceak is similar in nature to a Phantom Item, as it appears out of thin air and is made of an unknown material. Ceak has only "appeared" a few times in the comic proper, most notably during the Totolo family epilogue.

The Ceak came about (enter date) when the refugee named Odd'anna, who lived in Ther'avare, received a message from an unknown entity. It sent her instructions to make a sort of food that had not been seen before.

"By mine will, Thou shall bring happiness to all who eat thine Ceak" Said the unknown entity to Odd'anna.

Odd'anna took the entities’ words to heart; the people of Ther'avare had been looking gloomy as of late. So she set to work, and soon the first ceak was made.

The rest is History.

Ceak God/dess

Recently, the sole Purveyor of Ceak, Odd’anna, has been speaking to her fellow clans people about the Ceak God or Goddess.

The Ceak God/dess seems to offer peace and joy to all who eat the ceak.

“Praise Be To Ceak.”

“Ceak for the Ceak God(dess)”

Ceak and Cake

The differences between Ceak and Cake are:

Ceak is made from whatever is on hand at the moment, however the result is always a sweet treat for any sugar deprived being. Its appearance varies greatly for each ceak is unique. Odd’anna seems to be the only one who can make Ceaks.

Cake on the other hand is made from specific ingredients that aren’t always available and almost anyone worth a cook can make it.

More notes on that topic:

Ceak came about when the people needed to be cheered up

"Ceak has less sugar, but more sugar than any teikaliath or drow would ever encounter in more than a month or two; keep in mind a modern cake would have about a half a years worth of sugar."-Hellsion in a conversation with someone.

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