Chel'el'sussuloth cavern group.

The main setting of Path to Power 1 and Drowtales: Moonless Age (M.A.) in general. The city has a population of about 50,000 drow of various lineages, origins and clans[1]. This vast city has had a significant population reduction due to the chaos and constant warfare between about 1080 M.A. to present.

Chel'el'sussoloth is ruled over by nine major clans, six of which the Tei'kaliath have at least briefly interacted with. Various minor clans and political factions also control small sectors of the city, many with political ties to one or more of the major clans.  It is unknown precisely how many of these smaller clans actually exist, especially now that conflict has begun to engulf Chel and a number of minor clans have already been destroyed or absorbed.

During their stay, the Tei'kaliath settled in a small cavern directly north-east of Chel.

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