Svartelos arrive

The Svart'elos arriving in Ther

The Contested Mine was an event where the Tei'kaliath had their first contact with a Chelian clan, the Svart'elos, who arrived in a group to claim ownership of the Iron Mine.

Frau'drem, the Svart'elos representative, brought along paperwork showing that the mine belonged to his clan, and said that they had stopped work in the mine after it was no longer profitable. An'jhali was then invited back to the Svart'elos home base and met their Illhar, Rhinn'elos, and negotiated a deal where the Tei'kaliath would assist the Svart'elos in a battle against an enemy (later revealed to be the Vei'Visa) in exchange for the rights to use the mine.

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