Dvaraka warriors

Two Dvaraka warriors at the toll

The Contested Toll was a gameplay event that served as the Tei'kaliath's first contact with the Dvaraka clan.

On Year 1099, First Moon, Day 8 it was discovered that they had set up a toll at the edge of the Tei'kaliath cavern and they forced a group of merchants known to the Tei'kaliath to pay a toll. An'jhali promised to investigate, as news of an unknown armed force inserting itself into Tei'kaliath lands was troubling.

On Year 1099, First Moon, Day 9 Ambassador Xenon went to the gate to tell the Dvaraka to leave, but the warriors refused to budge, saying that the gate had been abandoned and theirs to take, and dared the Tei'kaliath to take the matter to the Vel'Sharen. After a brief skirmish one of the Dvaraka's mana specialists collapsed the tunnel, ending the battle and allowing them to retreat to their fortress.

This was followed by the Invasion event, where the Dvaraka attacked Ther'avare itself in retaliation.

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