Teikaliath counterattack
The Counter attack refers to the period after the Invasion gameplay event where the Tei'kaliath attacked the Dvaraka home base.

On Year 1099, First Moon, Day 27 An'jhali lead the Tei'kaliath forces to the Dvaraka cavern. After a surprise attack that butchered most of the Dvaraka deffenders, the Tei'kaliath mana specialists Ka'Taliyn and Lua'nar managed to breech the walls of the inner keep where the survivors were hiding.

A few Tei'kaliath warriors were injured or killed when they first entered the keep, but the remaining warriors pushed forward to kill the handful of Dvaraka fighters still left standing, including thier Illhar, Nir'va Dvaraka. As per the deal the captured prisoners went to the Svart'elos, and Frau'drem reported that their warriors had eliminated the remaining Dvaraka at their controlled gates. With this the Dvaraka ceased to exist as a clan.

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