D'rak v3 - by DarAeryll
Owner Eh'rin D'rak
Number of Members 6 adult, 2 child

J'hon (deceased), Eh'rin, Gul'aun, Seraphina,

Eldri'caldeyi, Ze'carga, Tamato, Syal'ria, Zekolg

Family InfoEdit

==Sayings and Values==

Family Moto: "We are the shades of grey, We are the shadows within"

Family Sayings: "He who is not willing to die for something is not fit to live" - This phrase signifies the belief that giving ones life to a cause greater than the self, is the most honorable death one can achieve.

"There is no 'good', there is no 'evil' there is only here and now" - This phrase is to show the belief that good and evil are vague notions, created by old men in arm-chairs to make themselves seem more righteous and noble compared to those who are willing to do whatever they need, to get whatever they want. As long as your actions are tailored to the situation, and are successful, then they were the correct action, the 'right' thing to do.

"Many hands make light work" - This signifies the belief that by combining efforts from the start, we can achieve a greater end result than we could from the sum efforts of individuals.

The Triune Virtues: Eh'rin in particular lives by these values, using them to guide her ever action and decision. She encourages others to do the same:

Duty: Your duty is the defense of the clan, its members, and each other. We are the guardians of peace, we exist to defend those who can't defend themselves.

Gravity: The essential seriousness of life, the world is a harsh place, and to fail to take it seriously is to dishonor the life given to you.

Piety: Piety is the belief in self, mana and the natural elements, and the however distant divines... You can't have faith in yourself unless you have faith in the workings of the world (both seen and unseen), and vice-verse...


Initially under J'hon, and them more directly under Eh'rin, The D'rak have continued their long tradition of loyal service to the "royal family" - Specifically An'Jhali in recent times (She being the only living member of the old ruling 'royal' clan of Shifaye'sindil). Though they have diversified over the years to include adopted members of various skills and trades, rather than the 'old' tradition of focusing on military service. Eh'rin's Grandmother, "Syal'ria" was a member of a religious order in the old city ('The Way of the Elements'), but left the order for personal reasons. Eh'rin, having recently re-discovered this heritage, has joined other survivors of the order in the hopes of re-building it (membership of the order is not however a family requirement - faith is a personal thing, to decided by the individual alone). The D'rak family welcomes new members of any trade/age/gender/race/etc, on a case by case basis.




Eh'rin, Gul'aun, Seraphina, Eldri'caldeyi, Ze'carga, Tamato


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