Activity Active
Age 5
Race Feline Feral
Health Healthy
Family None
Mates None
Children None

Character InfoEdit

Daven is a native feral of the forests of Amaranth who now serves aboard the Tei'kaliath airship in the Feral Special Forces. He has been shown as a skilled climber, a sneaky observer, a crafty fighter, and he can tell individuals apart by the smell of their bodily fluids.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He wears baggy green pants and brown wrist guards, fur bulges from all seams. A Shiney Winged Sword badge is attached to a brown sash tied around his waiste. He has a wild head of fur that billows under a Green Beret in all directions. He carries no weapons as his pounce and swat are elite Feral Fu.


Path to Power 3

  • (Chapter 3, SearchForIsland3, 01/02/13) - EA panel 2: First Appearance, Team Left Claw.
  • (Chapter 3, SearchForIsland4, 01/11/13) - LA panel 1: Oh no, the beret!
  • (Chapter 3, SearchForIsland5, 01/16/13) - EA panel 6: Daven hears a who?
  • (Chapter 3, SearchForIsland6, 01/23/13) - EA panel 3: Daven spies with his little eye...
  • (Chapter 3, SearchForIsland7, 01/30/13) - EA panel 4: Smells like nine.
  • (Chapter 3, SearchForIsland8, 02/06/13) - EA panel 2: FSF+DA can lead the scouts.
  • (Chapter 3, SearchForIsland9, 02/13/13) - EA panel 3: Checking out the airship wreck, eating a mouse.
  • (Chapter 3, RainyDay/SearchForNorthAirport, 03/20/13) - EA panel 2: Crossbows are hard.
  • (Chapter 3, SearchForNorthAirport2, 03/27/13) - EA panel 1: Got Shen'Laan (Shen'Lann) by the balls.

Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit

"FSF Stealthy gather intel on voices. DA Hunt/secure shinies in area" 5 votes. EA: SearchForIsland6

"Undersea FSF: Monitor Altimi's group and get head count. DA Help fortify" 3 Votes. EA: SearchForIsland7

Character GalleryEdit

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