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This article refers to sentient dragons. Go here for the Feathered Dragon, aka the Flying Horror.  This race is not available for play.

Dragons are fae that live in the sky on floating islands.  At one point they were in contact with the surface kingdoms durring the Moons Age, although what their relation was to the dark elven and light elven kingdoms is not clear.  When the demonic cataclysm that nearly wiped out the surface races occurred the dragons were spared as the nether could not reach up to their island.

Dragons are bipedal creatures with four arms and white skin. They are semi-reptilian in appearance and do not appear to have hair on any part of their body. Dragons can travel long distances by flying with a pair of wings supported by their upper arms. Dragons are far bigger than drow with even the smallest dragons being a good head taller than any of the Tei'kaliath.

It is a suggested theory that the anscestors of these dragons were Dragon Gaurdians.  This is supported by their elders being more Dragon-like then the younger general population more avian appearence.   Remains of fae elves have been found further supporting the theory, likely the former ruling class.

Dragons are capable of manipulating mana like all fae and have the same range of mana affinities as drow.

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