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Path to Power is a comic-driven community game in which players take part in the world of Drowtales , a continuing fantasy webcomic created in 2001 by Yan ‘Kern‘ Gagne. In foreign lands governed by survival of the fittest, civil unrest, danger, treachery and plot, Path to Power gives its players the unique chance to work together as a small clan of drow trying to survive, grow and stake a claim in the world as a feared and respected nation of power.

Once outcasts from their besieged city of Shifaye'sindil, the Tei'kaliath clan's members have already come a long way since their arrival in the turbulent, underground city of Chel'el'Sussoloth. Having successfully built a thriving colony on the surface, many now travel the overworld, seeking out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no elf has gone before! *ahem*

Sadly the game has ended, but this wikia is a shrine to all the fun we had over the past seven years! Thanks for all the memories folks! Feel free to check out our Facebook Group for hanging out with the old gang!

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