Rykilth mana

A kind of light-skinned Drow, descended from the few Light Elves who have sought refuge in the underworld, though this is not common knowledge. This race is available for play, as Chelian born characters only.

With so few ancestors, the Drowussu remain a minority, with Chel'el'Sussoloth being the only confirmed location in the underworld to bear a free community of them as nearly all Drowussu in Nuqrah'shareh are slaves, with only handful being the original members of the Order of the Dusk.  Most Chelian Drowussu belong to the Val'Kyorl'solenurn, or formerly lived in the Val'Dutanvir clan before it fell. Unlike the more common Drowolath but like their Light Elf ancestors, females of this race tend to be shorter than the males. Also unlike Drowolath (whose natural hair color is only ever white), Drowussu possess a range of natural hair colors, from brown to black to blond. They tend to be more structured in their lives than Drowolath, following a strict social order.
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