Dvaraka warriors

Two Dvaraka warriors, with their clan symbol visible on the building behind them

The Dvaraka were a clan operating on the outskirts of Chel'el'Sussoloth, with their fortress hidden within the Eastern cavern. Their leader was Nir'va Dvaraka, and their known allies were the Val'Sarghress.

The Tei'kaliath first came into contact with them during the Contested Toll event. This was then followed by the Invasion, and after gaining the assistance of hte Svart'elos, the Counter attack. After the Tei'kaliath successfully raided their home base and killed Nir'va, the Dvaraka ceased to exist as a clan and the survivors were either slain or enslaved.

On Year 1099, Second Moon, Day 6 to 7 Rosani Dvaraka was discovered trying to infiltrate Ther'avare and take revenge for the deaths of her clan. The fate of Rosani became a polarizing issue for the Tei'kaliath as many took pity on the displaced girl and desired to adopt her into the clan while others saw her as a threat who was unwilling to integrate into the clan due to her hatred for the Tei'kaliath. Eventually she was added to the ranks of the slaves, where she remains to this day.

Notable MembersEdit

Nir'va Dvaraka (Illhar)
Rosani (daughter of Nir'va)

Relations With Other ClansEdit

Sarghress & IllhardroEdit

The Dvaraka were known to be allies of both the Sarghress and Illhardro, although how formal or how deep this alliance went is unclear.


The relation between the Dvaraka and the Tei'kaliath was that of animosity from initial contact. This was sparked over a territorial dispute over an entrance to the Tei'kaliath's cavern, which the Dvaraka had established a toll on.

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