A skirmish during the Dvaraka's surprise attack

The Invasion refers to a series of attacks undertaken by the Dvaraka against the Tei'kaliath at Ther'avare, following the Contested Toll event.

On Year 1099, First Moon, Day 11 to 12 the Dvaraka attacked the tower on the edge of the Tei'kaliath cavern, severely damaging it. They then retreated, and The Will of the Clan decided that the Tei'kaliath would declare war against the Dvaraka. Ambassador Xenon arranged for mana specialists from the Svart'elos to help with the battle against the Dvaraka in exchange for some of the captured weapons and goods in a 70-30 split.

On Year 1099, First Moon, Day 19 to 20 the Dvaraka committed a surprise attack against the Tei'kaliath during a meal with The Ranked. The Tei'kaliath were forced to fight with whatever they had on hand, and the Dvaraka retreated with the Tei'kaliath giving chase, though they eventually lost them within Chel. Several captured Dvaraka warriors were interrogated and revealed the location of their home base, setting up the Counter attack event.

List of Tei'kaliath casualties Edit

The battle was used to clean out inactive characters that had remained in the site despite the attached accounts no longer being subscribers, and so these characters were considered "dead" in the aftermath of the battle. No current players were among the dead.

  1. Ahnrein
  2. Alaun'ae
  3. Alm Tel'Yunir
  4. Amh'alia
  5. Ari'Tahlahal
  6. Azan'rim Lathrin'kaeldos
  7. Cerien
  8. Chii'linae
  9. Comson
  10. Delviri
  11. Dieul Lein
  12. D'Nile
  13. Drazzial
  14. Farnel
  15. Felyn'ithra
  16. Gazack
  17. Haichun
  18. Heliros
  19. Izalle
  20. Jakaal
  21. Jazzanide
  22. Je'thel
  23. Jhul'riia
  24. Kaelen
  25. Kelsus
  26. Kintiri
  27. KodelKa Cri
  28. Krim'ini
  29. Lae'ryza
  30. Lemures
  31. Lillith (Yaiba'su)
  32. Lor'boru'bus
  33. Merrick'Losso
  34. Nalgos-afein Myt'tar
  35. Narel
  36. Nerev
  37. Norast Quel'lon
  38. Relvok
  39. Rhyleyl'Urra
  40. Rix'Alys
  41. Ro'sij
  42. Rotun'mir
  43. Rykilth
  44. Ryock
  45. Set'suki
  46. Shilum Nehura
  47. Sirin'Vara
  48. Telina
  49. Volis
  50. Welhda'lyn
  51. Yetseth
  52. Zii'rak
  53. Zillac
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