Also known as dwarves. Dvergar are short, burly natives of the underworld that possess no aura. This race is not available for play.

Since dvergar are incapable of using mana, they have to resort to using other methods to combat drow who encroach on their land. One particular tool at the their disposal is gunpowder, and dvergar have been known to use large hand cannons during battle.

The Chelian Dvergar Association is the main dvergar presence in Chel'el'Sussoloth, though dvergar also exist outside of drow civilizations, and are sometimes known to attack drow caravans.

During Path to Power 2, the Tei'kaliath came across a tribe of dvergar known as the Itham Guir, who claim that they were driven from their settlement by hostile drow and now seek to regroup on the surface. As a sign of trust, the Tei'kaliath agreed to help retake their home of Ithrin.

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