The landmark that never was.

As soon as it was stated we were going to be relocated to the surface it seemed obvious that we were going to need to bring Eat At Katrayla's with us. The restaurant had been a fixture within the story for a very long time and a setting for a great number of events. So plans were started and needs discussed amongst some Harvesters as to what would be needed for a social facility on the surface. Without a clear idea of how the new version of PtP was going to be structured we relied on logical thinking (a BIG mistake) and came up with a multi-use building,

Eat At Katrayla's II (and Warriors Memorial Arena) was going to have a community kitchen capable of processing food for the whole clan, it would include a bakery, cold and freezing rooms, meat cutting and preperation facilities, and beer and mead brewing areas. It would also include all the kitchen gadgets (deep fryer, grill, pizza oven, rack oven, roasting oven, industrial mixer, and stock cauldrons) that we had developed.

Along with the kitchen there would be two seated dinnig areas, one for private dinning and one for public dinning, and then there woulb be the arena area. This would have a covered activity area in the middle for sports or weapons training (now that we had weather to worry about) and was surrounded by viewing galleries that could also be used as dinning areas. There was also a small stage. The whole complex was envisioned as a place where dancing, music recitals, public addresses, parties, and other such socializing could take place. Adding a few apartments for travelers and staff to stay in and a basement mushroom farm completed a very ambitious structure.

As an added feature, in order to uphold a promised action that had been approved earlier for the Harvest Master but made impossible by the Black Sun invasion, the site for the memorial to the fallen Tei'kaliath was relocated to the front doors of the restaurant.

It was first presented to the Clan during the preperations for going to the surface phase of PtP 2 and was approved. But was shelved because the game masters hadn't requested it. It was reapproved again but again set aside by the game masters as to complicated for the initial colony. Finally, it was agreed to retro it into the colony as having been built during one of the time skips and a three dimensional model of it was made using the two dimensional plans for Reza's convenience in converting to his drawing style. And that was the last it was heard of. By then the colony already had a restaurant/coffee house, a arena field a trade house in the works and everything else Katrayla's was suppsed to be. So it had become unnecessary.

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