Tei'kaliath First Exodus
The Exodus, sometimes called the First Exodus or the Exodus from Shifaye'sindil, refers to the long period between the fall of Shifaye'sindil and the establishment of Ther'avare by the survivors.

The Exodus was extremely hard for the survivors, and only a few made it to the outskirts of Chel'el'Sussoloth alive. It was the long, seemingly endless hard travel that served as a crucible, already meager supplies dwindling until any sellable possessions were traded along the way for further food.

Those that made the trip and are part of the current Tei'kaliath clan are the strongest of that group; many were too injured and weak to make the trek and were left behind in order to ensure enough supplies for those who lived. Those that arrived in the outer Chel cavern are the healthiest and strongest of those that were left.

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