Faia's Brother
Age Unknown
Race Chelian Drowolath
Health Dead
Family Unknown (one sister)
Mates Unknown
Children Unknown

Character InfoEdit

A nameless NPC who was the main speaker for the runaway slaves when the Tei'kaliath tried to negotiate for ownership of the ruins that would eventually become Ther'avare.

Every time the Tei'kaliath would try and negotiate a new deal, he would either tell them to turn back or throw insults at them. Finally deciding that words would not work, An'jhali challenged him to duel Warmaster Shiir. Accepting, he and Shiir fought to the death with the Tei'kaliath Warmaster coming out victorious.

With his death the runaway slaves were deprived of their only warrior and the rest of them fled into the wilds of the underworld. Roughly a month later Faia revealed to Badai that the man had been her brother and she sought revenge against Shiir, although her desire to avenge her brother's death seems to have faded recently.

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