Families are an in-game social grouping of PtP players used for either roleplay or voting purposes. They replaced the Factions system. Players who wish their character to have children must have both a mate and be part of a family.

Creating a FamilyEdit

Families can be created by any living character. To be listed on the official family list hosted on the PtP site each family must have 2 or more members.

Disbanded FamiliesEdit

A family becomes disbanded either when the founding character declares the family disbanded or goes missing without naming a successor. Families with founders who are dead have sometimes been seen to continue functioning.

Transferring Family LeadershipEdit

There are two ways one can transfer leadership of a family from one character to another.  The first is if the leader of family dies and the player creates a new character.  Leadership of the family is then automatically transferred to that new character.  The other is if the current leader decides to retire.  The player of said character may then name a successor and that player may name one of their characters as the new leader.

Current FamiliesEdit

Disbanded FamiliesEdit

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