Flying Horror
Flying Horror
First Seen On Chapter 2, Epilogue 17, 03/23/11
Status Wild
Threat Level Aggressive

(Aka The Griffin, The Gryphon, The Giant Bird Thing)

Physical DescriptionEdit

A Large, feathered, griffon-like animal that is estimated to be least 30' tall and weigh several tons. It has four legs ending in long talons. Save for size, this beast is near identical to the appropriately-named Mini Flying Horrors

Habitat and BehaviorEdit

Its territory is believed to be the Amaranth forest on the east side of the river adjacent to the Ama'varde. It has been seen perching on ruins north of the original farm lands. The Flying Horror is carnivorous, and hunts via swooping to the ground and catching its prey on the wing.

Only one specimen has been found, suggesting that it is of a very solitary species or perhaps the last individual of its kind.

Its relationship to the smaller Mini Horrors is unknown.

Relationship with the ClanEdit

The Tei'kaliath's first experience with the Flying Horror was during the Blue Banner Expedition, when it was first observed perched in the distance. Since then, the bird observed in great extent. However, during the early days of Ama'varde, three Tei'kaliaths who ventured into the forest were killed and carried away, presumably by the Flying Horror.

Notable SpecimensEdit

There is only one known Flying Horror.

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