Path to Power 1Edit

The Healer (or Head Healer as the position later became known) was a ranked position during Path to Power 1 whose job was to treat all injuries and illnessess aflicting the clan. The Head Healer worked with most of the other ranked, however the Healer worked most often with the War Master and Scout Master, as those positions were the most likely to incur injury. The first and only Head Healer of the clan was Elif. Assitants working under the Head Healer were known as nurses at first but were later renamed healers. The healers' workstation was located next to the Crafter building near the eastern entrance of Ther'avare.

People who have held the rank of Head Healer:

Path to Power 2Edit

During Path to Power 2, the jobs of the healers has remained the same as Path to Power 1: treat the injured and the sick. Both task became particular important during the early days of Path to Power 2 when mana deprivation and encounters with dangerous forest beasts were common.

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