Mine map

Initial map of the Iron Mine

The Iron Mine was the main source of metal for the Tei'kaliath while they lived in Ther'avare. The Mine Manager also had his office located here.

The entrance to the mine was initially guarded by several inactive golems, and contained several toxic areas that required the use of gas masks.

The Tei'kaliath's first contact with a Chelian clan, the Svart'elos, occurred during the Contested Mine event, when their representatives, including Frau'drem, appeared in Ther'avare and announced that they were the legal owners of the mine but had ceased using it at some point before the Tei'kaliaths arrived in Chel'el'Sussoloth. An agreement was eventually reached that allowed the Tei'kaliaths to continue using the mine in exchage for helping the Svart'elos fight the Vei'Visa.

A later version of the Mine map

It was eventually discovered that a passage within the mine lead to the Val'Sarghress cavern. After much debate it was decided that this passage should be sealed up.

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