Kendra Siksa'Santi
Age Unknown
Race Chelian Drowolath
Health Unknown
Family Siksa'Santi
Mates Unknown
Children Unknown

Character InfoEdit

Kendra is the Ill'har of the Siksa'Santi clan. When the Tei'kaliath Ambassador and a squad of Warriors visited the Siksa'Santi fortress in order to apologize for the Tei'kaliath's role in the Vei'Visa incident and the wounding of a Siksa'Santi warrior Kendra had Ambassador Bel'xullyn and her escort captured.

Kendra displayed a concept of "honor" foreign to the Tei'kaliath, and was angry that her people had been attacked when they wore the Siksa'Santi emblem, either not knowing or not caring that the Tei'kaliath would be unfamilar with the signs of the Chelian clans.

After the intervention of the Val'Nal'Sarkoth clan Kendra agreed to release the hostages, in exchange for medical treatment for their warrior, though by the time the Tei'kaliath healers arrived to treat him he was already mostly healed.

Kenra also appeared in Moonless Age Chapter 16, page 14 where she referred to the Vei'Visa incident and the Tei'kaliath's involvement as an example of the decaying standards of Clan wafare. Rhinn'elos then countered that with Chel's overpopulation it was becoming hard to avoid fights at the street level. She later appeared at the summons of the Sharen against the Val'Sarghress, and said that because they had so few warriors she would need assistance.

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