First Seen On Chapter 1, Day 15, 6/13/08
Status Wild
Threat Level Defensive

Physical DescriptionEdit

The kiri'su is a centipede-like creature that varries in size, with smaller kiri'su being the size of a medium size house pet and larger kiri'su being as wide as a person and five times as long. Kiri'su are covered in segments of black chitin and have dozens of legs as well as a pair of antenna on top of its head.

Habitat and BehaviorEdit

Kiri'su live in humid areas of underground caverns where they often stay in medium to large size groups. They seem to like to coil around stalagmites and stalactites. Since kiri'su lack a mouth, their method of eating is to coil around their prey in ball secret acid from their underbelly and then absorbing their digested prey into their body.

Relationship with the Tei'kaliath, Drow and OthersEdit

Kirisu attacked

Tei'kaliath scouts hunting a Kiri'su

In general kiri'su do not attack drow but they will defend themselves when provoked. Most Chelians avoid Kiri'su if possible but Tei'kaliath used Kiri'su chitin in the construction varoius armors, in particular lightweight scout armor.

Notable SpecimensEdit

There were no particularly notable Kiri'su specimens.

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