First Seen On Chapter 1, Day 13
Status Domesticated
Threat Level Defensive

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Koa'naka, also called a pack lizard, is grey in color and approximately 6 feet tall at the shoulder[1], and approximately 18 feet long[2]. It has rough patches of scales on several parts of its body and spines along its back, making it resemble several types of earth dinosaurs.

  1. The height of an average Tei'kaliath, eyeballed
  2. Three times the height of an average Tei'kaliath, eyeballed

Habitat and BehaviorEdit

This beast is domesticated, and according to World Setting information from Moonless Age, they are a native underworld species that were domesticated by the drow, and wild specimens do not grow nearly as large. Like Tik'tikki, Koa'naka are omnivores can eat just about anything. They may be distantly related to the Tik'tikki.

Relationship with the Tei'kaliath, Drow and OthersEdit

Pack lizard

The pack lizard in armor

The Koa'naka is usually docile and non-aggressive, and its main defense is its massive tail, which it can swing at enemies if it feels threatened. Because of this domesticated Koa'naka sometimes have their tails docked to avoid hitting people in the street. Drow mainly use it to transport goods and people, though the Tei'kaliath also armored theirs and used it in battle.

Notable SpecimensEdit

The Koa'naka owned by the Tei'kaliath originally belonged to the Relentless Slavers, and through a joint effort by several Tei'kaliath successfully stole it during the Slaver Ambush. This lizard was later given armor so it could be ridden into battle. This lizard died during the Black Sun Siege during an ambush by Black Sun fighters after it had been taken to the South Gate to provide support for the warriors.

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