Lady Sayatt

Lady Sayatt makes her appearance during the Black Sun Siege

Age Unknown
Race Siyah-khorshed
Health Healthy
Affiliation The Black Sun
Children Unknown

Character InfoEdit

Lady Sayatt was one of the primary antagonists of Path to Power 1 and is presumably a Black Suns tribe leader, altough not much is actually known about her. Sayatt is a very formidable fighter as she defeated two of the Tei'kaliath's strongest warriors without much trouble. During the attack on Shifaye'sindil, she defeated Badai An'Karaa with a single blow, cutting off his left arm. A year later at Ther'avare, she defeated Warmistress Taruna with similarly little effort.

During Badai's story, after she defeats him she says that she wants Badai to be one of her warriors. It is unknown if this is the usual way in which the Black Sun recruit or if she was particularly impressed by his skills. It's also unknown if what she did to Badai is the cause of his amnesia.

Former Scout Master Kir'ima attempted to kill Sayatt by detonating a handheld mana bomb point blank, however she managed to leap away from the explosion at the last second. Even though she was hurt in the explosion, she nevertheless survived, much to many Tei'kaliath's anger and frustration.

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First Apearance

Path to Power 1

  • (Black sun siege hour 4, 10/1/10) - LA panels four through eight: stopping the Tei'kaliath counter attack.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Lady Sayatt led the attack that brought about the fall of Shifaye'sindil and a year later she laid siege to the Tei'kaliath's new home of Ther'avare.

Lady Sayatt's near death had a devastating effect on Black Suns' fighting spirit, as the fighting stopped when they thought she had fallen. This indicates that Lady Sayatt is very important to them. This did not affect the outcome of the battle, as the Tei'kalaith were forced to leave their homes in Ther'avare forever.

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