Light Elf
Light skinned elves who dwell on the surface and the secret precursors of the drowussu (though most do not know this). This race is not available for play. For the time being the Tei'kaliath have only met one light elf, Vishka.

Not much is actually known about the light elves although a significant light elf population is believed to have lived to the north-east, where the Tei'kaliath's ancestors originated. Light elves are even said to have intermingled with the Tei'kaliath's dark elf ancestors, giving the Tei'kaliath their lighter skin tone.

Note: just as Drowolath children born on the surface take on the features of dark elves, it can be assumed that drowussu children born on the surface are born as light elves. However since there has been no confirmed Ssu/Ssu children born on the surface yet, this should be regarded as Meta Knowledge.

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