Mana Plants
Mana plant
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Status Domesticated
Threat Level Timid

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mana plants are a variety of flora that are mainly found in the underworld, but were also grown in the overworld before the end of the Moons Age.

Habitat and BehaviorEdit

Mana plants can be found in the wild, including in the Amaranth forest, but they are also domesticated by Fae. The Tei'kaliath have built a Greenhouse for their mana plants.

Relationship with the Tei'kaliath, Drow and OthersEdit

An'jhali with mana plant

An'jhali taking care of a potted mana plant.

The presence of mana plants helps stave of Mana Deprivation, so they are grown commercially and considered very valuable by Fae.

Mana plants were speculated to have some form of symbiotic relationship with mana rats, since a group of mana rats became agitated and attacked the Tei'kaliath who attempted to remove a wild mana plant. This was confirmed when it was discovered that domesticated fields of mana plants that had mana rats tended to be healthier and grow faster than fields that didn't. Why this is so is still unclear.

Notable SpecimensEdit

The Tei'kaliath received several mana plants in 1108 of The Moonless Age when An'jhali returned with several sacks of them from the Nal'sarkoth outpost.

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