Mana Rat
First Seen On Chapter 2, Colony 4, 5/18/11
Status Wild
Threat Level Defensive

Physical DescriptionEdit

Referred to as "mana rat" due to being an extremely rare example of a fae animal, its ability to neutralize or drain the auras of other fae, and having a size and shape similar to a common rat. The eyes of these creatures glow.

Habitat and BehaviorEdit

This creature is found in Amaranth. The only known examples appeared in the form of a large pack that seemed to live under a thick patch of mana plants. The creatures attacked after the plants had been removed.

Later it was discovered that fields of mana plants where mana rats live tend to grow faster. It's not entirely certain why this is.

Relationship with the ClanEdit

A large nest of these creatures caused a failed attempt to harvest wild Mana Plants from the Amaranth forest. The rats immediately attacked the one who'd removed the plants and drained him of aura.

The clan has yet to act in regards to these creatures. However, with an increase in mana and mana plants around Ama'varde, they may prove to be frequent pests.

Notable SpecimensEdit


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