Path To Power 1.0 The Mana Specialist was a ranked position during Path to Power 1 who used advanced mana techniques that would otherwise be unavailable to other members of the clan, such as eath and fire manipulation during combat. Officially Ka'Taliyn was the primary Mana Specialist but Lua'nar served as her right hand, and for all intents and purposes the two were equal in the position. The Mana Specialists worked closely with the War Master as their use of battle grade mana manipulation was invaluable during combat. The Mana Specialists also worked closely with the Architect to move and shape large quantities of stone in various construction projects. The Mana Specialist was the only ranked position that did not have assistants.

People who have held the rank of Mana Specialist:

Path to Power 1.5

Durring this time, Moonless Age 1101 to 1106, the high arts that had been aquired in Chel'el'susoloth were proliferated and were further developed.   Many character's took on the persona of Mana Specialist and focused their efforts in that direction.  Mana Deprivation limited use of these high arts, severely.

Path To Power 2.0

Mana Specialist became a selectable character class primary focused on supporting other classes action to shorten there completion time with disproportionately large class equipment boosts.  Offensive and Defensive combat abilities were added but the leveling requirement was bugged so only one character could use them.

Path to Power: To the Sky

The game format reverted into a model more like Path to Power 1.5, which this characters can put on the persona of Mana Specialist and it is up to them to vote and insert advices to those ends.   The game itself is more focused on adventure then building and a few characters not usually associated with Mana Specialist were illustrated using high arts as well as affinity based sorcery showing that basic high arts and mana manipulation knowledge has spread even further among the Tei'keliath.

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