Mini Flying Horror
Mini Flying Horrors
First Seen On Chapter 2, Epilogue 18, 03/30/11
Status Wild
Threat Level Defensive

Physical DescriptionEdit

About 2 ft tall, with 4 ft wide wing span and four legs ending in talons. Feathers are brown, beaks and talons yellow. It is suspected these are the offspring of the Flying Horror.

Habitat and BehaviorEdit

The Mini Flying Horrors have a preferred roosting spot on the island at G-21 and H-21. They seem to dominate avian life around the lake and have been seen in other sectors surrounding the lake.

Relationship with the Tei'kaliath, Drow and OthersEdit

It is unknown what applications besides a food source as it is not yet confirmed that these are the young of the Flying Horror or a separate species. According to Mirual, they're also known as "ri-ri."

Notable SpecimensEdit

Alulienne Nimaraidh Tei'kaliath captured three specimens but they were unable to be domesticated before escaping and cause minor injuries with their sharp talons.

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