Nal Outpost 2

The Nal'Sarkoth Outpost, Spring 1114 Moonless Age

The second voyage of the Amavardian Airship was set to a Nal'Sarkoth outpost very close, though under the Myst Sea, geographically to Amavarde.  The journy was dangerious and the ship nearly crashed when crew members experimented with unknown controls in the close quarters cliffs of the Underworld.   The second law of Amavarde was passed by Anjali stating anyone who toughed the controls without proper training would be thrown over the side, a certain death sentence.   After landing the ship in a relitively flat patch of rock near the outpost, celebration ensued and many members conducted trade with the Nal'Sarkoth merchants for various items and relic hunting gear.

After a few days of liberty in the outpost the ship set out in search of island shipyard origin of the airship.

Nal Outpost Coarse

The proposed course.

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