Nal merchants

The Nal merchants (back) and their escort (front).

During the first run of Path to Power, a small group of traders belonging to the Val'Nal'Sarkoth would periodically come through Ther'avare roughly every in-game month to sell items that would either be difficult or expensive to buy in Chelian markets, such as certain kinds of medicine.

The traders first appeared during Chapter 1, Day 21, 8/8/08 when a Tei'kaliath lookout reported that a group of intruders had been spotted to the north-east of Ther'avare. The next day a small contingent of Tei'kaliath went to meet the traders to speak with them and to offer food, water, and a place of rest to start good relations. The traders stated that they were always open to new opportunities and accepted the Tei'kaliath's gifts of goodwill. The two groups spent the rest of the day talking of trade and the traders eventually left with the promise that they would return in one month's time.

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