Age Unknown
Health Dead
Family Dvaraka
Mates Unknown
Children Rosani Dvaraka

Character InfoEdit

Nir'va was an NPC character who acted as the leader of the Dvaraka clan. She ultimately met her demise at the hands of the Tei'kaliath when they laid siege to her clan's compound during the Counter attack. With her death the Dvaraka clan was no more.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Nir'va had brown-red hair and what appeared to be several scars on her face.


  • (Chapter 2, first moon day 28, 3/3/10) - LA panels four through eight: first and last appearance.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Like many of her clan, Nir'va wielded powerful sorcery. This is evident by the fact that with the aid of only one mana specialist she managed to send massive shock waves through the rock floor and injure no less than six Tei'akaliath warriors before the invaders even reached her body guards.

However this massive display of power seems to have been difficult for Nir'va as she was not able to keep it up for long once her mana specialist companion was slain. It also left her incredibly drained and unable to defend herself further from the attacking Tei'kaliath warriors.

Character GalleryEdit

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