Drowtales' Path to Power Wiki
Activity Active
Age 107
Race Tei'kaliath
Health Healthy
Family Totolo
Mates Xenon
Children Nepu

Character Info[]

Classes occupied in PtP1: Miner, Scout, Harvester.

Classes occupied in PtP2: Miner, Farmer, Forester.

Current Class: Healer.

Patriarch of the Totolo. Applying for Nobility eventually.

Mostly known as a Wise Idiot. Approach for common sense analysis or offering of fish only.

Physical Description[]

Hair: Originally white, dyed dark grey before joining the miners.
Eyes: Dull pale grey.
Height: 5'6"
Body: Lean, average build.

Used to wear his dull brown poncho, which fell apart in the following decade.
Now wears a fur-rimmed burgundy leather poncho.
Presence of clothing under the poncho: variable.
Baggy navy pants.
Knee-high grey leather boots.


Path to Power 1

  • (Chapter 1, Day 55, 6/11/09) LA panel one: Gave An'jhali a foot massage.

  • (Chapter 2, Third moon day 05-06, 8/11/10) EA panel four: joins the harvesters. Has the word HARVESTER embroidered into his pancho.

Advices Made by this Clan Member:[]

"Would you like a foot massage my lady? (foot reflexology)" 4 votes, LA.

Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.[]

Name: Ombr'eh Tei'Kaliath.
Race: Tei'Kaliath?
Gender: Male.
Age: PtP1:93. PtP2:101.
Mana Skill: Untrained Shadow Affinity.
Martial Skill: Farming tools, pickaxe, daggers.
Professional Experience: Slaveborn in the Old City. Miner. Scout. Harvester. Healer.

Used to be a slave, born from two bored slaves.
Owned by dark elven nobles who gave ponchos as work uniforms to their slaves.
Work ranged from cleaning the house to gardening. Various maintenance jobs.
Sometimes called upon to serve guests due to his shadow affinity, making him less noticeable while on standby. Shadow affinity common among the poncho-slaves.

Most Favorite task: brushing and feeding the bovines.
Least Favorite task: cleaning toilets.

Slaves well treated, happy, albeit cranky in the morning and exhausted at night. Resided in the basement along with other slaves. Slept under the table or any of the basement's furniture as often as possible despite having bunks.

At the garden with fellow slaves as the attack occured. Most slaves slaughtered, somehow completely missed as he hid in a shrubbery behind a stone wall. Left the ruins entirely as he found his parents' corpses mashed together in the dirt. Followed unknown exiles in his confusion and grief, which turned out to be slaves of other noble families who convinced him of mistrusting anyone except them.

Other poncho-slave survivors unknown up to this day.

Stuck with a blank expression on his face, no matter how he feels inside.
Tear ducts still functional, but cries like a wet mask.
Rather mellow and rarely panics or reacts.
Has a cynic view of life and is rarely shocked by scary and creepy stories, real or not.
Hard worker, becomes nearly deaf while concentrated on a repetitive task.

At night, spotted hiding under a rock somehow unless forced to bed.

Character Gallery[]