Activity Active
Age Unknown
Race Feline Feral

Character InfoEdit

Orrul is one of a trio of feral guides sent by the Nal'sarkoth to help the Tei'kaliath. He seems to be the archer of the group, as he was seen with bow in hand when first introduced and referred to by Mirual as "Shooty-Paw." Orrul proved is also an excellent skirmisher, as during the Ithrin Campaign he took down a number of enemy combatants and managed to sneak behind enemy lines without being seen.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Orrul is a male feral of average height (waist height to a drowolath) with white fur and a part of his right ear is missing. He wears green pants, a grey and red tunic tied by a red sash, and a dark colored knee length cloak similar to the ones worn by Mirual and Ruuf. Unlike his companions, Orrul does not smile.


  • (Chapter 2, Colony 32, 12/1/11) LA panel six: appears before An'jhali along with Mirual and Ruuf.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Orrul was sent by the Nal'sarkoth to act as a guide to the Amaranth region. When shown a picture of a trideer eating beast the Tei'kaliath had encountered before, he confirmed it was a beast known as a Kurr.

Orrul also accompanied An'jhali during the Ithrin Campaign, where he served as a scout and skirmisher.

Character GalleryEdit

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