Path to power To the sky!

Path to power To the sky!

Path to Power 3 is the current story arc where the Tei'kaliath take control of a salvaged airship and explore the distant lands of the surface.  It began on Setember 22, 2012 and is still running to present day.

Path to Power 3 is very similar to Path to Power 2 in many respects, although the emphasis is on exploration rather than city building.  Path to Power 3 is also set apart from PtP1&2 in that it is the first to use a Free to Play feature: anyone can view the entire comic and anyone can create a character and vote on actions.  However one must still have a paid account in order to have their character featured in the comic or propose actions to be voted on.

Path to Power 3 also introduced a new playable race: the feline feral.  Each feral character is also given a choice of three distinct origins: Chelian (born in Chel'el'Sussoloth), Forest-dweller (originating from the untamed forests of Amaranth), or Amavardian (either born in Ama'varde or having moved there within the last six in-game years).

More to come.

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