Age Unknown. Less than 60
Health Healthy
Family Dvaraka (formerly)
Mates None
Children None

Character InfoEdit

Rosani is an NPC who was captured after her failed attempt to infiltrate Ther'avare. She sought vengeance for the demise of her clan, and had only discovered the fate of her clan when she returned from her studies at Orthorbbae. Rosani was eventually taken under the care of Slave master Khan'zalika along with the child slaves. Though initially unhappy with her situation, Rosani behaved herself. It is assumed that she was taken up to the surface along with the rest of the slaves although her current status is unknown.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Rosani has a Chelian skintone and yellow hair with orange tips.


  • (Chapter 2, Third moon day 01-02, 7/28/10) - LA panels one through four.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Rosani was an extremely divisive figure within the clan, with several advices being made that suggested killing her and others suggesting she should be adopted into the clan, though neither were carried out. As such a player referring to an issue as being like "another Rosani" means that they expect the issue to cause lots of drama and eat up a disproportionate amount of time and discussion.

Character GalleryEdit

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