Sekai crest
Owner Niar'suru (Formerly Ayu'mu)
Number of Members 8

A'tanar, Ayu'mu, Cres'sin, Caith'Synn, Fila'sofi, Kael'thas (deceased), Ni'ainu (child), Niar'suru.

Family InfoEdit

Family Motto: "In the face of despair, joy usurps tears and hope unites us."

Sekai is a close knit family that began as a group of friends and colleagues who decided to deepen their bonds through a form of "mutual adoption." Their general philosophy is to persevere in the face of any adversity and to support one another in times of need.


The family motto was originally two different proverbs contributed by Ayu'mu and Niar'suru. The former suggested that the two be merged and the majority of the family agreed.

Sekai is one of the few families that is led by an ex slave.

At least four members of Sekai have served in the military prior to the Blacksun Siege.


Niar'suru (formerly Ayu'mu)


A'tanar, Ayu'mu, Caith'Synn, Cres'sin, Fila'sofi, Ni'ainu, Niar'suru

==Former Members==

Kael'thas (deceased), Ninorok, Jan'avin