Mounted Siksasanti

Two mounted Siksa'santi warriors.

The Siksa'santi was a minor warrior clan that was born from the aftermath of the Sharen-Sullisin'rune War some centuries ago.

The Tei'kaliath's intial encounter with the Siksa'santi was during the Vei'Visa Battle, when two Siksa'santi engaged the Tei'kaliath warriors. The pair of Siksa'santi fighters proved to be an effective tag team, with one using mana to block any Tei'kaliath arrows fired at them while the other sniped Tei'kaliath combatants at a distance. Eventually a group of scouts led by Kir'ima managed to sneak up and ambush the two with slingshots, catching them entirely by surprise. A strike by one of these airborn rocks managed to break the mana user's concentration long enough for Tei'kaliath archers to break through his deffense and decisively wound him. Rather than continue the fight, the sharpshooter withdrew from the battlefield with her comrade and retreated to Siksa'santi compound.

Later a delegation was sent to the Siksa'santi home in hopes of making peace. However the Siksa'santi Illhar declared the Tei'kaliath's words to be worlthless and ordered Ambassador Bel'xullyn and her escort be taken prisoner until An'jhali herself came to the Siksa'santi to beg for forgiveness. Unwilling to risk their Illhar the Tei'kaliath instead went to the Val'Nal'Sarkoth for help, enlisting the aide of the Nal'sarkoth ambasador. With the Nal'sarkoth acting as moderator, the release of the Tei'kaliath prisoners was negotiated in exchanger for healing the Siksa'santi warrior who was wounded during the Vei'visa incident. While no further open conflicts arose between the two clans, the Siksa'santi would continue to remain antagonistic towards the Tei'kaliath.

During the Black Sun Siege Cerise appeared and criticized the Tei'kaliath for letting the Black Sun through their gate and into Chel.

A Siksa'Santi (presuambly Cerise) appears in the Moonless Age Chapter 30 page 36 to warn Vidhi'yani Vel'Sharen about the Black Suns in a tavern, and promises to "restore order" once the rest of the clan arrives. Vidhy'ani dismisses her and goes inside to deal with the Black Suns herself.

Notable Siksa'Santi Edit

  • Kendra (Illhar)
  • Cerise
  • Unnamed Male Warrior (Kendra's mate and Cerise's father)

Relations With Other ClansEdit


The Siksa'Santi recognize the Sharen as the rulers of Chel'el'sussoloth and pay tribute as such. During times of conflict the Siksa'Santi provide troops and supplies to the Sharen war effort.




Tei'kaliath and Siksa'Santi do not get along. At all.  Put two in a room and a fight will erupt, either physical or verbal.

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