The Slave Master was a ranked potion during Path to Power 1 whose job it was to discipline, take care of, and keep an eye on the clan's slaves. The Slave Master was also expected to break new slaves and to train them in certain specialized tasks such as farming and mining. Since slaves were the clan's primary source of flexible labor, the Slave Master worked closely with groups that required a lot of hauling of material, such as the harvesters, miners, and builders. The first and only Slave Master to serve during Path to Power 1 was Khan'zalika. Assistants working under the Slave Master were known as overseers.

People who have held the rank of Slave Master:

Overseers are now a playable class in Path to Power 2. Overseers have the ability to use slaves in the Promote section of the comic only if the action being done is not a class action in the Map Action system already. See Class Equipment and Overseer Actions section of the Player Guild for details on playing the class through the Map Action system.

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