The group of Slavers

The Slaver Ambush took place on Day 13 when a group of slavers called The Relentless appeared unexpectedly on the outskirts of Ther'avare. Their leader was nicknamed Joker Lady by the players due to the markings under her eyes. They claimed to be looking for runaway slaves who had been hiding in the ruins, and requested that the Tei'kaliath produce twenty two slaves within an hour.

They also expressed shock at the fact that An'jhali was referred to as an Ill'haress, since in Chel'el'Sussoloth only the leaders of the great clans are called by that title.

An'jhali lead them towards what she said was the group of slaves, but in reality had Khan'zalika take the slaves and walk them around the ruins. The clan then prepared an ambush to take the slavers down while another group worked to ambush those that had stayed with their caravan and successfully stole their Koa'naka.

The Tei'kaliath were victorious over the slavers, who surrendered after a tough battle, but three Tei'kaliath were wounded and Scout Master Quel was killed in the battle by the slaver's leader. In an ironic reversal of fortune the slavers were then stripped naked and themselves enslaved, though five slavers (Hermil'ion, Ruaka, Rykilth, Kintiri and Rotun'mir) were adopted into the clan after begging for mercy.

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