Reffers to the Tei'kaliath political structure. While technically ruled by a monarch, political actions are usually put forth by ordinary citizens and then voted upon. An'jhali then takes these actions into consideration depending on how strong popular support for it is as well as its viability. Tei'kaliath operated for long periods of time without the use of money in inter-clan economics. There are no private incomes, trade goods, or even private property beyond personal items and heirlooms in the Tei'kaliath. The use of currency has been reserved for interacting with foreign organizations such as Orthorbbae and other clans.

Very few rules restrict the freedom of Tei'kaliath clan members. They need a modest amount of support from their fellow Tei'kaliath to carry out actions. Most things are decided by majority rule. During the era of the Ranked, a ranked member could veto majority rule. The Ill'haris An'jhali can also veto any action based on her own morals.

It's generally accepted that players should avoid using Meta Knowledge when deciding the Will of the Clan, though it is not always possible to complete separate one's own knowledge from that of their character.

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