Svartelos arrive
The Svart'elos are a minor clan in Chel'el'Sussoloth.  They are known as facilitors, with their power lying in lending money, trade brokering, and the selling of information and have ties to merchants in every field of interest to them.  It is also rumored that anyone who makes a deal with the Svart'elos will eventually wind up bankrupt.

They first came into contact with the Tei'kaliath when they visited the Iron Mine and claimed ownership of it, having stopped work when it was deemed no longer profitable. A deal was eventually reached that allowed the Tei'kaliath to continue using the mine in exchange for helping the Svart'elos fight the Vei'Visa, since the Svart'elos do not maintain any of their own troops,hiring mercenaries instead.

After the battle, it was revealed that the Vei'Visa had been an independent merchant guild, but had been under heavy pressure to pay tribute to the Svart'elos. When they continued to refuse the Svart'elos arranged to have them eliminated.

Soon after the Tei'kaliath entered into a tentative formal alliance with the Svart'elos. However many Tei'kaliath deeply mistrusted the Svart'elos, due in part that Svart'elos intel concerning the Vei'Visa and their Siksa'Santi supporters was witheld until after the battle.

The Svar'telos later assisted the Tei'kaliath in their war against the Dvaraka clan, exchanging the use of several of their mana specialists for a 70-30 split of the captured goods and all of the Dvaraka prisoners.

Later they came to the Tei'kaliath with a proposal to take over a district that had been under Vei'Visa control, as well as a riskier proposition to attempt to take a Val'Sarghress district, but before this deal could be finalized the Val'Nal'Sarkoth clan moved into the area. Afterwards relations between the Tei'kaliath and the Svart'elos were strained, although the efforts of the then current Tei'kaliath ambassador and An'jhali did mend the rift to a degree.

Since Path to Power 2.0, the Tei'kaliath have had no contact with the Svart'elos.

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