Activity Inactive
Age 56
Race Tei'kaliath
Health Healthy
Family None, formerly Zerr'andaes
Mates None, formerly Lua'nar
Children None

Character InfoEdit

Was a warrior from PtP1 and a founding member of Family Zerr'andaes. Current location unknown.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Standing 5'9 , he had ice blue eyes, and he kept his short to keep others from getting a good hold of it in hand to hand combat. A wirey lith build from years or training and from surviving the exodus. He is seen often dressed in a worn black shirt, patch work and tattered pants, sandals, and he carries a bag with his few meager possions that doubles as his pillow.


Path to Power 1

  • (Chapter 1, Day 11, Page 3, 3/8/08) - EA panel 4: Tath'drin'jss joins the warriors and War master Shiir'fhayah has a hard time pronoucing his name
  • (Chapter 1, Day 12, Page 3, 4/5/08) - LA panels 6 & 7: Tath'drin'jss spots the Relentless slavers arriving in Ther'avare
  • (Chapter 1, Day 37, 1/2/09) - LA panels one and three.

Advices Made by this Clan MemberEdit

"Send all the scouts and half the warriors to secure the mine." 10 votes. LA: Day 16, Page 3.

"Agree to one battle for control of the mine." 21 votes. LA: Day 37.

Non-canon (roleplay) Character BackgroundEdit

The only child of his family born and raised in the former city His Father and Mother both members of the city guard. So it was only natral that he aspired to follow in his parents footsteps.Often spending time in the barracks with them and the other gaurd becomeing there lil helper. Allthough he didnt get much time with his mother and father the instilled there family value of extrem loyalty to the clan and family. Loyal to a fault his parents always went outta there way to help others of the clan. from takeing extra shifts shareing what food and coin they had with others or volenteering for the more dangous patrols. at the age of 35 tathdrinjss was made a full meber of the gaurd. Often with his parents helping out others. Durning the fall of the city his parents remained behind to fight to there last orderign tathdrinjss to get ther others out to safety, he did as he was told helping out those that could not proctet them selfs leading as many as he could outta town. His parents never made it out of the city giving there lives in its defense. So He followed there final order remain with the others to protect them.

Character GalleryEdit

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