Ithrin Campaign
The Ithrin Campaign refers to a joint venture by the Tei'kaliath and the Itham Guir to take back the latter's home city of Ithrin.


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The city of Ithrin was taken some time ago by an unknown faction of drowolath with the aide of xuile'solen and allied dvergar. The survivors of the attack fled to the surface, vowing to one day retake their city, and became the Itham Guir. After an unknown amount of time had passed, the Itham Guir came into contact with the Tei'kaliath.

The Tei'kaliath found that they had much in common with the wayward dvergar as well as much to gain. After a period of negotiation, the Tei'kaliath decided that they would help the Itam Guir retake their old city as an act of good faith and to solidify an alliance. For half of the Third Moon and the last portion of Path to Power 2, the Tei'kaliath prepared arms, armor, and supplies for the retaking of the city.

On the fifteenth day of the Third Moon, the Tei'kaliath host, lead by An'jhali herself, marched to join the Itham Guir war party amassing outside Ithrin. In total thirty nine warriors, four healers, and four mana specialists, along with Orrul and Badai, joined An'jhali in the march.

Before the assault on Ithrin, the invading force was divided into four squads: Auan (shock and suppression troops), Tarn (main offense), Roun (siege breakers), and Siln (support and healers.) Each squad was led by an NPC commander: Auan by Hrafinn, Tarn by An'jhali (with support from Badai), Roun by Valathor (supported with Orrul), and Siln by Glinnigitr.




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