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Ahnji, behind her stand most of the ranked who served during PTP 1.0 Art by Reza Aribuwana, Background by Hellsion

The Ranked were players chosen by popular vote to act as job supervisors and were responsible for entering a weekly "Event Action" for most of Path to Power 1. In exchange for their expanded player responsibilities and power, a slightly higher subscription fee was required to play. Ranked were also responsible for for determining which characters would be featured in their event actions.

In order to become a ranked officer, a ranked position needed to be opened first, either when a new ranked position was created by the GM, a former ranked member stepped down, or when a former ranked officer died (fortunately this last option did not occur often.) Members of the clan interested in the position would then apply for the position and give their reasons why they would be good at that job. The clan as a whole would then vote on which candidate they think would serve best. The candidate with the most votes would get the position.

Many of the Ranked had a personal tool that was seen as an embodiment of their position. Examples of these items include the Healer's scalpel, the Blacksmith's hammer, the Engineer's wrench, the Mana Specialist's Foci: Earth Wand, and the War Master's spear (later dual Tei'kaliath swords). When a older ranked member retired from their position, the personal tool of that rank would often be symbolically relinquished or passed on to a successor.

The Ranked status was disbanded following the Black Sun Siege, when Path to Power 2, which was stated to focus more on individual actions, was announced.

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